Thanos Tsiousis

Goals, voices, reality, all this seductiveness that lures and leads us on,
that we pursue and plunge into...
-- Robert Musil

I am most intrigued by the difference between fact and memory and their impact on people’s lives. Photographs obtained from the Internet and video stills are combined with those from my portfolio and create an interesting path to explore.

A multitude of textures, rectilinear ornamental patterns and painting themes from ancient Greek pottery are redefined and used as a contemporary visual language to construct my own narrative scenes.

Short fragmental stories approach modern man. Various random narrations are juxtaposed with the core of History to emphasise the transition from a powerful mentality to a weaker one.

21st century man lives in a social framework where nothing is guaranteed or certain. Thus, a sense of nihilism prevails, a weak mentality that leads him more and more to neurosis.

Characters in my work are faced with distress in an unnatural, uncharted environment where ambiguity and precariousness co-exist. They resemble modern Cycladic figurines standing motionless against a chaotic background that symbolises their inner turmoil.

They are treated as allegories of humans hanging in limbo mentally and sentimentally and having dreams and expectations totally lacking in meaning. The equilibrium is lost, and the only thing they can resort to is a never-ending course forwards, similar to the course of a funambulist.

Nihilism, nevertheless, is not presented as an opponent so much as an opportunity. An opportunity that needs to be promptly seized so that universal negligence can be transformed into a collective will and redirect to Renaissance.

Thanos Tsiousis